Severe Weather Will Return to the Front Range this Afternoon

Good morning! I’ve kept an eye on the today for a few days and it looks like I was right to do so! We have another possibility for severe weather today. Also, we are working on getting an AMA setup for those with weather and/or weather research questions but the mods have been busy so we’ll just have to see when we can get that scheduled.

Forecast- Another day of thunderstorms is expected again today as our moist spring weather continues. Much like yesterday, these storms will most likely be brief and relatively uninteresting as far as the hail and tornado threats go. However, we do have a chance of one or two of these storms becoming severe.

Threats- Right now, we’re looking at a 15% chance of hail larger than one inch. So, while it’s a possibility, the storms that produce this hail should be fairly localized and it shouldn’t be a broad problem such as the line of storms that came through a couple weekends ago. There is also a small chance of a tornado. Currently, it looks like the cloud bases will be too high for a tornado to develop but, a weak tornado may still be possible in the right environment due to favorable winds.

Currently, all the models agree that this should be an afternoon show and that the majority of the metro area will probably see some rain (even if it’s in small quantities). I’ll update as the new models, watches, and warnings come out. Have a great day!


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