Will Tonight’s Weather Create Problems Viewing the Perseid Meteor Shower?


The answer is a very definitive- probably not.

While we do expect another round of thunderstorms today, storm initiation and development will be similar to yesterday’s. Storms should develop in the early afternoon and then die out and/or move to the east of the metro area. Like yesterday, small hail, high winds, and even a small funnel are possible.

Cloud cover is already more sparse today than it was yesterday when clouds covered almost everything west of I-25. Current satellite, and model data suggests that cloud cover should begin reducing this evening after 7pm (MDT) and the last remaining clouds in the area should clear out around midnight. With that being said, be aware that thunderstorms could remain on the plains and could affect your viewing of the meteor shower.

So, what’s the best bet for viewing the show tonight? Heading up to the mountains seems to be your best chance at catching the meteor shower in all its splendor. The high peaks will be far away from the light pollution of the city and from any remaining storms on the plains.

As with all of these posts, check for updates before you head out. As we’re all aware, weather can be very unpredictable but, we will update as the new runs come out and new information is available.


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