Warmer Temperatures for Denver, Feet of Snow in the Mountains

A brief Denver update, but the main purpose of this is to describe the return of snow, beautiful-beautiful-large-amounts-of-snow, to the forecast for the mountains.

Denver Current Conditions and Near Future Forecast

It is still very cold outside and temperatures will only reach the upper teens and low 20s today around the metro area. Overnight we had a low temperature of -8°F in Denver with a wind chill value -25°F when our winds reached a maximum of 8kts (~9mph) at 11pm at the official Denver weather station at DIA. Luckily, the wind died down as the night progressed and, while the temperatures remained low, the wind chill became less of a factor. Right now, Denver is sitting at roughly 5°F and we should reach highs in the upper teens and low 20s.

Our recent cold snap comes to an end tomorrow when temperatures will climb into the mid-40s and will be around 50°F on Saturday. We will have another slight chance at some light snowfall on Sunday morning as another weak storm system moves through Denver, but accumulations won’t add up to much. While temperatures will again drop next week, they will be close to seasonal temps and will be in the 30s and 40s.

Mountain Snow Forecast

This is the main reason that I decided to make a post today. Break out the skis and wax the board! Great shredding is coming our way! I did a quick overview, described a couple regional forecasts, and a brief word of caution. Check it out!

It finally looks like big precipitation amounts will be coming to the mountains. Current models have loads of moisture coming from the Pacific and impacting most of the western US with the Colorado mountains getting up to five FEET of snow in some areas over the next two weeks. In fact, some areas of northwestern Colorado are expecting over 60″ of snowfall in the next seven days! Overall, most areas along I-70 are looking at 18-36″, but it’s possible that we could see up to four feet of new snow on the taller peaks in that time.


Total snowfall from today through 6pm MST December 22nd, 2016. Notice the 51.7″ amount near Routt County in Northwestern Colorado.

Regional Mountain Forecasts

Medicine Bow/Routt National Forests Including Steamboat Springs

It looks like the Northwestern part of Colorado will be getting the best snow over the last two weeks . Below if a graphic that shows the Quantitative Precipitation Forecast (liquid precipitation in inches) as well as the expected snow totals for the GEFS, CMCE, and NAEFS models. If this forecast were to verify, over five feet of snow will fall in the next seven days! THAT’S “WEEK” SINGULAR! Steamboat Springs and Rabbit Ears Pass are starting to sound pretty good, aren’t they?


Forecasted QPF and snowfall amounts for Medicine Bow/Routt National Forests over the next week. Thanks to the University of Utah for the graphic.

I-70 Corridor

The I-70 corridor is not going to see the same insane amount of snowfall over the next week that Steamboat will. However, there will still be plenty of snowfall over the next week and even more over the next two weeks (3-4 feet expected through the 22nd). Right now, this area is looking at roughly 18-24″ of snow over the next week depending on where you’re targeting on the forecast map. As an example, Vail Pass is expecting upwards of 24″ of snow over the next week while areas slightly to the east are expecting closer to 18″. Still, that’s some great snow when the earlier part of the season had been very dry.


Forecasted QPF and snowfall amounts for Vail Pass over the next week. Thanks to the University of Utah for the graphic.

A Word of Caution

We are all aware that models fluctuate frequently and these totals are anything but set in stone. However, to see this amount of precipitation in the forecast does give me hope and, at the very least, we should see some good snowfall over the next two weeks. Will it be five feet in a week? That’s hard to say, but multiple models are liking the chances of big snow from the next few storms. We’ll have to wait and see, but the mountains could just be an amazing place to be over the next few weeks!

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Warmer Temperatures for Denver, Feet of Snow in the Mountains

  1. Hey Andrew, any updates on the upcoming chilly weather this weekend? Someone said something about a “polar vortex”‘. Is that a real thing?
    Thanks for taking the time. Love your blog.


    • Hi Aarima!

      I’m hoping to get a forecast out a bit later today because it certainly looks cold this weekend and we might get some snow too! I haven’t quite been on top of the forecast as much because I have been in New Jersey on business over the last few days. I’m on my way back now and am shooting to do an update this afternoon! 🙂


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