Snow Tonight Through Monday and More Next Week

5-10″ of snow is headed our way!
Cold air is rapidly moving into the state and is bringing another bout of winter weather with it. While we currently have some northeasterly winds that are bringing cool air into Denver, the bulk of the cold temperatures are still along the Colorado and Wyoming border.
Precipitation is expected to start in Denver late tonight/early tomorrow and continue through mid-Monday with the most significant snowfall occurring Sunday night. In addition, temperatures will fall substantially with highs in the upper 20s and lows in the single digits for the late weekend and early next week.
There is a possibility of freezing drizzle and/or light freezing rain with this system that could pose a serious hazard for travel as it could coat the roads as temperatures drop.
Snow accumulations will be highest on the west side of town with lighter accumulations expected to the east.
Then, round two of snow starts on Tuesday and could continue into Wednesday!

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