Winter Storm Number Two Headed into Colorado


Satellite Visible Imagery from 3pm to 5pm Mountain Time

Winter storm number two can be seen moving moisture into Colorado from the west with thick bands of cloud moving into the state. It’s looking like it will bring another 5-10″ of snowfall to Denver and the surrounding regions.

Snow will start early tomorrow morning (which means that extra time to get to work/school is a must) and will continue through mid Wednesday. Definitely work from home, if able as the Tuesday afternoon rush hour will likely be a mess.


GFS Forecast Snow Accumulations

There is some small disagreement between models, but it’s currently looking like 5-10″ of snow can be expected for most areas with higher accumulations to the west, south, and east of Denver. The most intense accumulations will begin tomorrow afternoon and will continue over night with the heaviest snow likely falling on Tuesday night.

Denver is under a Winter Storm Warning from 6 am tomorrow through noon on Wednesday. For more information on the warning, visit the National Weather Service page.

Storm liquor suggestion: Manhattan or Old Fashioned cocktails. Something smokey that reminds you that you’re cold, but with a hint of sugar to cut through the bitter cold.

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